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BB Creamin’ It: Sarah McNamara’s Miracle Skin Transformer

I’ve professed my undying love for Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer a number of times, but this doesn’t mean I’m opposed to trying new things on occasion. Like BB Creams. BB Creams are so… Continue reading

Lip Scrub: Is It Essential?

As much as I love beauty products, I am still wary of gimmicks and fads. Do I really need a separate lotion for my neck and décolletage? Can’t I just use my regular… Continue reading

Not Just Lip Service: First Aid Beauty Delivers

You’ve seen Hoarders, right? While it’s somewhat entertaining, I find it quite terrifying. And not because of the piles of gnarly knick-knacks and doll heads. No, it’s terrifying to Femilady because she can… Continue reading

♩♪♫These are a few of my favorite things♩♪♫

I try not to covet, but one thing that makes me green with envy are those who hold golden tickets to Oprah’s Favorite Things show. Imagine if Santa was a badass woman (Oprah)… Continue reading

Arcona’s Tea Tree Mask

Hereeee’s dryness! It’s cold outside, and boy is my dry-prone skin feeling it. I’ve armored myself with some pretty awesome new moisturizers–posts to come soon!–but there’s a very essential regimen for battling dry… Continue reading

New(ish) Line to Love: Koh Gen Do

It all started with an actress concerned with her stressed skin… No, this isn’t a fictional movie tagline–though I would totally watch it. It’s a true account from Koh Gen Do’s founder. I… Continue reading

Lip Luxury: Natura Bisse Lip Recovery Balm

For many, many years I used Aquaphor on my lips before I went to bed. Lord knows how much chemical crap is in my digestive track–I can envision little Aquaphor colonies in my… Continue reading

Savior Salve for Sunburned Skin

When Jack Frost peaces out each spring, I often switch up my skincare routine. In the winter I like to use oils and heavier moisturizers since I have really dry skin. In the… Continue reading

Necessary or Not: Fancy Eye Roller Applicators

I’m finally getting into the eye cream game.  I’ve been seriously stubborn about this one, thinking that whatever moisturizer I use on my face is good for my under eyes. Well…not necessarily true.… Continue reading

Beauty and the Heat: Caudalie’s Refreshingly Rad Beauty Elixir

This weekend I am going to sit my butt in my fancy-geriatric lawn chair with some cocktails and lie in the sun all weekend–with sunscreen of course. I’m also thinking of having a… Continue reading

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